Wind Storm Damage Prevention Tips

Wind Storm Damage Prevention Tips

Severe weather is always on everyone’s radar, especially this time of the year. With severe weather comes strong winds, thunderstorms, and even hail. No matter the season, it never hurts to be aware of the damage that high winds can do to your home or business. Prevention is easy, just follow these three simple steps:

Keep outdoor items from becoming projectile weapons

High winds, tornados, and hurricanes can make something as simple as a trashcan or child’s toy into an airborne missile! When you hear of wind and storm warnings, make sure to bring in anything that could be picked up and blown into vulnerable areas of your home or business like windows or doors. Outdoor building such as storage sheds should also be anchored properly to the ground.

Reinforce susceptible areas

Garage doors are particularly susceptible to wind damage. High winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes can damage or blow them, creating a high-pressure situation which can damage the roof as well. Reinforce the door by using braces across the back or replace with a stronger door and tracks. Modifications should be done by an installer.

Pay attention to your trees and landscaping

Trees can cause debris that can damage your home in a windstorm. Maintain trees having them trimmed and debris raked and disposed of regularly to help minimize damage from a storm. If the recent storm has passed and you have damage to your home or business, Jenkins Restorations is here to help. We make the process of getting back into your home and back to your normal life a pain-free process.